Classic Package:

Hand wash & Hand dry, wheels cleaned, tire shine, wheel well dressing, interior vacuumed, windows cleaned in and out, a LIGHT interior wipe down plus the door jams and a hand wax application with a professional Carnauba wax.

$100* - Small Cars $125* - Med Cars $135* - Med SUVs & Trucks $150* - Large sized SUV's & Trucks $175* Suburbans, Expedition XL's, 3/4 and 1 Ton Pickups

Luxury Package:

"Best of the Best" - Hand Wash & Hand Dry, wheels cleaned, tire shine, wheel well dressing, interior vacummed, windows cleaned in and out and door jambs cleaned. Plus a "Tornador" enzyme treatment, heated shampooing of the floors and seats, door panels cleaned, leather cleaning and conditioning, and a Professional Hand Wax application with a Carnauba Wax. (complete interior overhaul)

$150* Cars & Small SUVs $175* Med Cars $200* Med SUVs & Med Trucks $225* w/3rd Row $235* Large Trucks $250* Large SUVs $265* Suburbans/Expedition XLs, 3/4 and 1 ton trucks

Separate Services Offered:

Ceramic Spray Coating $75 & UP (Lasts 6 to 8 months) depending on conditions

Buff and Polish $250 & UP

Headlamp Restoration $65 & UP

Clay Bar Paint Cleaner (Makes paint smooth as Glass) $85* & UP